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Wicstun Farm CCTV specialise in installing and maintaining Farm CCTV systems.
We provide a range of high definition Farm CCTV systems including the latest 4K technology for agricultural use which can be viewed on your smartphone, tablet, PC and laptop to allow you to view your farm from wherever you are.
Investment in a Farm CCTV system is the perfect deterrent that will make burglars think again before breaking into your farm.
We have professionals to design your customized CCTV surveillance system according to your specifications and budget. These can be used as calving or lambing cameras, giving you peace of mind knowing you can monitor your stock from anywhere on the farm or even from the comfort of your own bed.
We strive to provide the best, bespoke and budget-friendly Farm CCTV solution for your farm and business needs.
Contact us to discuss your requirements, whether it is lambing cameras or general security for your farm, we can help

BENEFITS TO YOU and your farm

Remotely monitor your live stock and machinery where ever you are, saving you time. 
Enhancement of both internal and external monitoring around your farm which improves farm security and your peace of mind.
Assurance of improved security around your farm.
Collection of real-time visual evidences of intruders in or around your property.


Remotely monitor lambing and calving any time of the day or night.

Share access to your CCTV feed with staff to allow you to have some time off with your family.
General improved security around your farm.

Cameras for Farms

Remote CCTV cameras for stock monitoring or security

We can install a remote CCTV camera using a wireless bridge up to 10Km from you office or house if there is line of sight. 

Remote cameras on multiple farm buildings

Multiple CCTV cameras can be installed across your farm utilising Wireless internet links to provide you with the ability to monitor your stock and machinery from the comfort of your farm office or home.

Farm Security CCTV

CCTV installation & Repair service

We can install a range of high quality Farm CCTV systems which will provide you with 24 hr monitoring Day and Night of you high value machinery.

As long as there is power (Solar Panels can be used) we can install cameras up to 3km from your recording hub.

Providing you with peace of mind and secure business premises. 

Serving agricultural customers across the York, Pocklington, Market Weighton, Malton, Driffield and Beverley areas.


installation & maintenance service

Your buildings are a vital asset which can be under threat from various sources.
It is vital your tools and equipment are protected from intruders. 
Wicstun Farm CCTV can install remote alarms across your farm ensuring you can monitor the Farm 24/7 on your smart phone, even when you are out and about.
Using our CCTV surveillance and alarms systems you’re able to monitor them 24/7.
As long as there is power (Solar Panels can be used) we can install cameras up to 3km from your recording hub.

Emergency Farm CCTV Engineer

Full Farm CCTV system installation and maintenance service

When you CCTV fails,  you require an up grade or simply an additional camera our engineers are here to help. 


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Our Agricultural CCTV Engineering Team can:

Install a security CCTV Camera systems in your Farm

Install a lambing camera systems in your sheds

Install calving cameras across you farm

Install Foaling cameras in your stables

Install a CCTV system in your farm office, workshop or yard.

Maintain and repair existing Farm CCTV systems

Provide emergency call outs to Farm CCTV problems and breakdowns

Advise on the best equipment to meet your requirements

Expand and alter existing CCTV systems



Farm Camera Types


Day & Night vision

Up to 8MP 

up to 60m night vision

Dome / Turret Cameras

Day & Night vision

Up to 8MP

up to 30m night vision


Day & Night vision

2MP & 4MP

15 x Optical zoom

100m IR Range


Day & Night vision


32 x Optical zoom

200m IR Range

We specialise in Hikvision cameras, which are the highest quality cameras on the market which provide superior images and streaming direct to your phone or tablet.
When our engineer carries out the FREE security survey, they will identify your requirements for your farm and then discuss the lens type and whether to use Turrets, Domes or Bullet Cameras in each location (these will be explained in more detail at the consultation). They will also discuss how we will carry out the installation. Including positioning the cameras, where cables will run (if being used), ensuring that faces and body movements are clear, and deciding where the central hub will be (eg: your home or the farm office).
We would connect the Farm CCTV system to an NVR (network video recorder) or DVR (digital video recorder) which should be stored in a steel lockable box or out of sight. We only use high quality hard drives in our recorders.
The Hikvision cameras come in many styles and offer different variables, including the amount of storage available and the megapixels of the cameras, anything from 1 to 8 MP. We also understand the importance of choosing the correct hard drive to store any recorded camera footage. Hikvision NVRs can hold 2 hard drives with a capacity of up to 6TB.

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